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Enhancing Retail Mobility with Advanced Cash Register Solutions

Embrace efficiency with our cutting-edge Mobile Cash Register, designed for businesses on the move. This innovative Cash Register iPad App, Android App, Windows App transforms your iPad, tablet, smartphone or computer into a powerful sales tool, allowing you to handle transactions seamlessly wherever you are. Our Cash Pos Register is optimized for both static and mobile use, ensuring reliable performance across various retail environments.

Simplicity meets sophistication in our friendly interface, making it accessible for all skill levels. With our solution, businesses can enjoy streamlined operations, reduced errors, and enhanced customer interactions, all from their mobile devices. Regular updates and robust support ensure that our technology remains at the leading edge of POS solutions.

Choose Free-Cash-Register to elevate your retail operations with smart technology that adapts to your dynamic business needs.

Basic operation reminder

Unregistered item sale (49.9$, cash payment)
> > > > >

Sale of unregistered item classified in a department (18€ in Deptartment 2, credit card payment)
> > > >

Simple sale of a registered item (3x Item 1, check payment)
> > >

Sale of a registered item, payment with cash back (payment of Item 3 with a 10$ note)
> > > >

Refund of a registered item (cash refund of Item 2)
> >

Discount on a total (10% discount on (Item 2 + Item 3))
> > > > >

Pack/menu sale (Item 4 + Item 6 in a 10$ menu)
> > > >

Multiple payments (Payment of 10$ in credit card + 5$ in cash)
> > > >

Search for a client
> Then you have to enter your search on the keyboard (with a tablet it is possible to display the virtual keyboard by clicking to the left of the gray strip at the top of the interface).

Cancel an order (Browse history and load the order)

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